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China Shantui Company has launched a full range of still water bulldozers. Bulldozers are easily entangled in Paris. Liu Kun, director of Shantui Europe, introduced the three series and six grades of the full series of hydrostatic bulldozers. 

The company began research and development of hydrostatic bulldozers in 2008. SD10YE is the company's first hydrostatic bulldozer, produced in 2009. 

Hydrostatic bulldozers can easily adapt to a variety of working conditions, including golf course construction, efficient public works construction, and even heavy-duty mining construction. 

China Shantui is a manufacturer of bulldozers, excavators, loaders, road machinery and related parts. It is a subsidiary of Shandong heavy Industry Group. 

Shantui static pressure products have been sold to Europe, the United States, Malaysia and India and other more than 20 countries and regions. 

Shantui (Shantui), a young Chinese construction equipment maker, says it is ready to gain a foothold in developed markets. The company announced at the Intermat conference in Paris this week that it would sell three bulldozers in Europe and the United States. 

Founded in 1980, the company knows its relationship with industry giants such as Caterpillar (Caterpillar) and Komatsu (Komatsu), which have gained a foothold in developed markets. But Mr Shantoui said SD10YE and SD13YS were able to keep pace with Caterpillar "D5K, D6K and Komatsu D39 and D51, with higher productivity and lower fuel consumption." 

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Shantui spokesman Douglas Slocan (Douglas Slocum) said the company has sold several SD13YS and SD10YE models in the United States. He said the company plans to add more U. S. dealers this year, mainly in the southeastern part of the bulldozer market.Slocombe says the company has the largest bulldozer market share in the world. 

Each hydrostatic bulldozer is powered by a Cummins engine and is equipped with Rexroth hydraulic transmission. SD10YE uses layer 4 transition QSB4.5, to drive 110 horsepower, while SD13YS and SD16-3 CE use layer 3 QSB6.7, to generate 132 horsepower and 160 horsepower, respectively. 

IronDirect, an online equipment seller that mainly sells heavy equipment made in China, has added 10 mountain bulldozers to its product line. 

The new machine maintains the control of the track and blades through complete hydrostatic transmission and adjusts automatically according to the load. 

The track speed and direction can be controlled separately from the cab with the joystick and the integrated thumb wheel. The other joystick controls the blade with a six-way, dynamic angle tilt. There are three settings for steering and blade control: aggressiveness, standards and fines. 

IronDirect partnered with Vehicle Reman to launch truck remanufacturing service. 
IronDirect is an online distributor that mainly provides a sales platform for heavy equipment made in China. 

The pedals control the engine and brake functions. In deceleration mode, pressing the pedal can slow down both the transmission and the engine. In brake mode, pressing the pedal slows down the transmission, but not the engine. Take your foot off the pedal and hit the brake in both modes. 

The cab is designed with anti-rollover and anti-fall devices. A 7-inch monitor displays machine data. The rearview mirror is standard.The cab is also temperature controlled and is sealed and pressurized to reduce noise and dust. It also has storage space, wide doors, radios and MP3 players, and USB chargers. 

sd32 shantui bulldozer Brands

The net horsepower of the 10 new models ranges from 90 horsepower to 170 horsepower. Four of the bulldozers are standard XL models designed for hard rock and soil. Six kinds of low ground pressure (LGP) models are suitable for working on softer ground. 

Bulldozers and graders are often ignored as bulldozers, with emphasis often focused on excavators, wheel loaders and adt. However, major manufacturers are also introducing new graders and bulldozers, which also benefit from the latest low-emission engine technology, as well as advanced remote information systems and improved taxis, with better full visibility. 

Caterpillar's 26-ton 14 cubic meter gradation has larger engines and more power, and uses less fuel than previous models. Powered by the C13 variable power diesel engine, which provides 178-213 kW, it benefits from a new eco-model system that replaces the previous C11 engine. To adapt to the local market, the company offers three emission control ratings.

At the same time, Lippo's factories in the United States and India are stepping up production of grades 685, 695 and 785.Indian-made machines meet tertiary emissions requirements and the company is keen to develop market share for its classifier family, especially in developing markets. 

Drasta has developed bulldozers that benefit from advanced Rexroth dual-channel hydrostatic transmission. TD-8S and TD-9S are stage 4 final / phase 4 compatible models, weighing 10-10.3 tons and 11-11.3 tons, respectively. The goal of these tasks is to move tasks in smaller earthworks as well as to complete the work. These machines are the first of a new generation of s-series bulldozers, and more models will be launched in due course. 

The hydraulic drive system provides high maneuverability and versatility for small bulldozers, as well as high precision control in the process of finishing. 

The company is providing special features such as TD-9S blade rocker, which makes the blade clean at the end of a good pass. This is very helpful in getting the work done, because it means that there are no messy piles that need to be cleaned up in the future.

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